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More Data, More Transparency, And Better Recommendations

Meet The 2012 Graphics Charts: How We're Testing This Year

Practical Relevance and Objective Comparisons

The goal of our new benchmarks and 2012 Graphics Charts is to give you all the information you need to choose a graphics card for a wide variety of usage scenarios. Thirteen graphics benchmarks consisting of 39 measurements, as well as scores for three performance levels, illustrate in detail how cards perform under different conditions. Additionally, there are five GPGPU benchmarks and measurements for sound level, temperature, and power draw, which are useful for choosing a suitable case and power supply.

You can visit the 2012 Graphics Charts by clicking this link

We hope that we've helped readers, especially those who requested more transparency in our benchmarking, understand the details of how we benchmark graphics cards. Once we've covered all reference cards in all three performance categories, these charts will also serve as the basis of our regular feature Best Graphics Cards for the Money, which highlights top picks in different performance categories.

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