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Benchmark Results: World In Conflict

GeForce GTX 295 Vs. GTX 275 SLI: When Two Are Better Than One

First, it’s again odd that the higher-clocked GeForce GTX 275 cards lose out to the underclocked boards. Secondly, it’s interesting that the GeForce GTX 295 is outperformed by those same underclocked 275s. We asked Nvidia to help explain what might be happening here, but given the number of variables involved (beyond the obvious increase in PCI Express bandwidth resulting from a move to two x16 slots), that it’d be hard to pinpoint a specific reason.

With a more substantial load applied to the graphics sub-system, the underclocked GTX 275s and 295 even out, while the stock GTX 275s in SLI mode pull ahead by a notable margin.

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