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Benchmark Results: Far Cry 2

GeForce GTX 295 Vs. GTX 275 SLI: When Two Are Better Than One

Without anti-aliasing, Far Cry 2 does a reasonable job of pushing the entire platform—especially at lower resolutions. We see the two GeForce GTX 275s turning in the best numbers at 1680x1050 and 1920x1200. Moving to 2560x1600, however, the GeForce GTX 295 catches up and passes the cards running at the same clocks.

Turning on AA emphasizes graphics power even more. Again, the lower resolutions favor the GTX 275s, and the 295 catches up at 2560x1600. But crank the GTX 275s up to their stock clocks and you witness a substantial reason to go with the two cards in SLI mode.

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