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Benchmark Results: Aliens Vs. Predator

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Review: Take Off Your Ti

Let’s move on to Rebellion’s Aliens vs. Predator:

The results are similar to the other games we’ve tried, although the Radeon HD 6870 performs a little better than the GeForce GTX 560.

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    Anonymous , 26 May 2011 21:24
    quote: If 3D Vision and CUDA support for apps like Premiere Pro CS5 matter to you, Nvidia has the upper hand.
    I bought the Nvidia geforce GTX 560 Ti,actually 2. Even though I am extremely happy with them, i found that they do NOT support CUDA CS5, my previous card was the GTX285, which did support that. As an editor, I miss the direct render a lot. 560 cards do not support direct render with CS5, I wonder if there is a way around this?
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    damian86 , 14 August 2011 00:03
    I think the 560ti for a high end card is the best choice,saving a lot of money and power-wise they consume a lot less than others. As it says it can outperform other cards,and in SLI they do a good job, I think I will be happy to spend money on them, actually you can get them for £180 and if you save money then you can get a second one.
    Before I was thinking in buy a 570, but I think I'll consider a 560 ti Sli set due to power consumtion.
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    C Ram_22 , 6 September 2011 23:15
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    C Ram_22 , 6 September 2011 23:17
    Yeh wat u consider is fine
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    C Ram_22 , 6 September 2011 23:19
    560 ti
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    C Ram_22 , 6 September 2011 23:20
    Just get what u thnk is best stop hassling me and run this on my tv HOW --root?.
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    samboy09 , 22 October 2011 16:44
    Guys, May I ask you if this card comes out with a case decal or sticker that I can put to my case. TNX