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Zalman Z7 Plus

Roundup: Four Gaming Cases Under $150

Previously known for expensive and relatively-exclusive cases like the LQ1000, GT1000, Fatal1ty, and TNN series, Zalman surprised us by sending the least-expensive “mainstream” gaming-system enclosure of today’s comparison.

Though moderately-priced, the Z7 Plus top panel still includes eSATA connectivity and a tilt-in cover.

The second feature that vendors seem to like applying to the “game case” theme is a fan controller, and Zalman includes one on the side panel.

Another feature shared by all of today’s gaming cases is support for external liquid cooling, which Zalman accomplishes with holes that have rubber grommets.

Screw-free card latches that are functionally identical to those found in Cooler Master’s Storm Sniper separate the Zalman Z7 Plus from today’s other sub-$100 case. On the other hand, Zalman goes a bit cheap by using knock-out slot covers rather than the replaceable variety.

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