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Building With The Enermax Fulmo GT

Four 10-Slot Cases For Four-Way SLI, Tested And Reviewed

If you remember back to In Pictures: Four 10-Slot Cases For Your Super-Sized Build, the Fulmo reminded us of a pedestal server. Well, a set of wheels adds to that impression, while separately labeled screw packs simplify hardware installation.

The Fulmo GT’s ten hard drive trays support both 3.5” and 2.5” drives using included screws. Open tray tops, a slotted drive cage with spaces between trays, and a 180 mm intake fan improve drive cooling beyond some of the other enclosures we've seen.

A drop-down pin latch secures 5.25” external drives without screws, while a slide latch locks the drive latch in the closed position.

Two circuit boards connect fan LED and power cables to front-panel controllers. There are more LED connections than power connections, though. As such, it’s impossible to manually control the speed of all the included fans from the front-panel controller without using a three-pin splitter cable, which is not included.

Then again, we’re not even sure the fan speed controller is capable of supporting the added current of two fans connected to a three-pin splitter, since we only test cases using manufacturer-supplied parts. Since we weren’t able to adjust all fans simultaneously, we evaluated this case’s cooling potential using its highest fan speed setting.

Designed for gigantic HPTX motherboards, the Fulmo GT provides plenty of space around our fairly large XL-ATX motherboard. A second power supply bay above the board could just as easily provide space for a stacked pair of triple-fan radiators with six fans mounted in a push-pull configuration.

The LED controller allows the Enermax Fulmo GT to go from classy and understated to flashy and overstated at the push of a button. Apart from its enormous size, just one little switch totally changes this chassis' personality, suited it to home use and LAN parties.

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