Rar files unknown or damaged format, programs not showing in program files

All my Rar files are suddenely apparently in an "unknown or damaged format", and nearly all newly installed programs are not showing in program files, nor launching properly if the option is there upon installation. This means various software solutions I have already been given such as Remo, are not installing or launching properly, Remo for example is stuck in the loading harddrive stage and presents a fundemental error code when it loads up. Reimage doing nothing/not appearing when apparently installed.... Neither trying to repair the RAR files or extracting them "here' is working.
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  1. Had a similar thing happen, turned out to be a faulty memory module. Try running memtest overnight and see if you get any errors.
  2. run any antivirus/malware scan?
  3. Okay thanks, I'm gonna have to ask though how do I run this program through the downloads available? When I run it as an image to a usb its just asking me to insert a disk. I am very much a newby to this program I dont know how it works if not as a basic application, I don't want to try anything hasty!
  4. If you want to run memtest goto https://www.memtest86.com/download.htm and make a bootable usb stick. You may need to go into your BIOS and enable the USB as a boot device.
  5. alright and I guess it will run automatically or with fairly obvious options/instructions from that point so I'll give that a go, thanks.
  6. rgd1101 said:
    run any antivirus/malware scan?

    this hasnt worked with anyone so far, well with anti malware, powerdrive hardwash, and maybe 2 more I cant remember off the top of my head. But if there's one you recommend, by all means i'd like to try that.
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