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Hey everyone,

A handful of times since I purchased it over the summer, my first monitor, a 1440p View Sonic, will get a "red tint" to everything. In doing some research myself, it seemed like this was usually caused by a faulty HDMI cable (which is what I use for this monitor) or even just a loose connection.

Yesterday, I got the Red Tint again randomly while just watching Netflix on Chrome. I swapped out the HDMI cable and used another, but this didn't change anything. I made sure the cables we're connected tightly. Strangely, my second monitor, which is an older 1080p Lenovo. This monitor has never given issues with the red tint. So I don't think the GPU is to blame.

Shutting off the monitor didn't fix, what did fix it was unplugging the monitor power cable and plugging it back in. Thus far I haven't been able to recreate the problem for testing purposes.

What do you all think? Power cable going bad? Something else entirely?
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  1. usually that is a cable issue, as you have changed the cables I think the connector may be shorting in the same way as the cable would.
    does the monitor have any other inputs you could use?
    have you tested the monitor on another device? the bad port could be on the GPU
  2. it is working now the next time you see this try to interchange monitor connection on the gpu from this one to the other and usually viewsonic have a 3 years warranty on them contact them they might rma it .
  3. @R_1 Unfortunately the monitor only has HDMI, no DVI. My other monitor uses DVI, so I wanted to see if that would fix it, but couldn't. I haven't tested the monitor on another device while the problem was active. The issue is that I cannot replicate the problem, and when it has occurred, unplugging the monitor "fixed" the issue. So even if I had tried hooking it up to another computer, it likely would have fixed itself when I unplugged it. I guess I could just bring the desktop to the monitor and keep the monitor plugged in, and see if the problem persisted. But, unfortunately, I'll have to wait and see if the problem happens again before testing this.

    I wondered if it could be the GPU port too. That was another reason why I wanted to try DVI. But I think it has two HDMI ports on the GPU, so I could plug it into another and see if that affected it.

    Or just see if Sonic will replace it too lol.
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