Software for monitoring home server (traffic, temperature, capacity, load, etc.)

I am rebuilding my personnal file/media server at home.
Previous one was running on a lightweight linux distro due to the hardware.(motherboard died)
This one won't be new but will be running newer material and looking at windows 10 for more user friendly and GUI. (potential of using steam for lan gaming once in a while, etc).

Only thing I am missing, is a way to log and analyse what's going on with the PC.
I want to monitor the temperature, network traffic, cpu load (may be gpu), harddrives usage and capacity and send alarm if needed.

Is there a simple software, ideally free/open source, than can do this ? (seems like yes) that you would suggest ?

Thank you
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  1. Hello

    Can you please the following apps and see if you can use any of them:



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