Can't properly set 4k resolution on LG 4K TV through Windows 10

I am trying to use a LGUH8500 4K tv with my PC which has a GTX 1080TI in it. I am using HDMI 2.0 cable so I am confused. In the display settings on windows it says 1080p is "reccomended" and in the nvidia control panel it says that 1080p is the "native" resolution. I am able to set the resolution to 4k in the nvidia control but then whenever I go into my pc settings in windows my tv loses signal so I have to blindly find the x to close the window to get signal back. I have already tried reinstalling the graphics drivers.
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  1. Set refresh rate to 30, see if you can enable the 4k resolution then.
  2. Sometimes only certain ports will support it. Also you may need to enable an option in the TV menu (Samsungs for example have to enable "UHD Color" in order to get HDMI 2.0 capability).

    Refer to your TV manual.
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