Cannot set new Windows 10 build to max resolution

I recently put together a pc for another individual and there is no option to adjust the resolution to the 1080p max that the monitor can support. I am stuck at about half of those pixels. It is running off of Intel UHD 630 graphics through a DSUB/VGA cable to a 1080p LG monitor. I have restarted a few times to make sure that all of the Windows 10 updates had been completed and they were. Everything else about the install is working fine. I am waiting for a copy of Windows 10 to come in so that I can activate, I am thinking that maybe it is Microsoft restricting the resolution...but, I am quite sure I have run at proper resolution on an unactivated version of Windows 10 before. I didn't have time to really try anything else...and I won't be able to get back accessing the pc until 2 days from today.

Any advice is appreciated!

The build is below:
pentium gold g5500
G.Skill NT Series DDR4
Corsair CX500
Samsung 860 EVO
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  1. Its your cable. You need to use DVI at a minimum
  2. What connections does the monitor have?
  3. bmockeg said:
    Its your cable. You need to use DVI at a minimum

    I have run 1080p on vga before was on my secondary pc before I hooked a large tv up to it.
  4. Windows 10 needs to be activated before you can personalize settings like display resolution.
  5. From Intel's website:

    Check the supported resolution of your display if you are connected using VGA
    Some displays only support lower resolutions (such as 1024x768) when connected using analog VGA. Check the user guide or user manual for the maximum resolution supported for each display connector. Some documentation lists the VGA connector as a D-sub input. Displays (especially TVs or HDTVs) can only support their large native resolution using a digital DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort* connector.
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