problems doing reset on default OS in a 3 partition hard drive.. wrong partition getting reset

Hi all. I have 3 partitions on my PC.. all are windows 10 partitions.. one of them got corrupted… it is the default one.. I tried several things and finally resorted to resetting the PC.. and keeping the files.. as I said it is listed as the default OS.. HOWEVER.. when I did a reset. .it keeps resetting ANOTHER partition and I just don’t get it. How do I get the system to reset the DEFAULT one.. thanks. They are all GPT partitions..
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  1. Hello

    Can you please provide more specific information such as which partition number or volume letter is set as default, which one did you try to reset, etc.?

    Please note that when you boot a computer from a USB or DVD, the default C: drive becomes D: drive because the temporary files required to boot the computer are loaded in C:.

    Hope this information helps.

    Feel free to report back for any further assistance.

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