Computer does not boot up properly after entering sleep mode

I usually put my computer to sleep if I'm not going to be using it for a while and I wake it up by pressing something on my keyboard or mouse. Has not been an issue until a few days ago but now when I try to wake my computer, it does not respond to my mouse or keyboard. I try to wake it from buttons on my computer case and the computer turns on but my screen is black and I get a message that no signal is detected. After about 10 seconds, the computer just turns off by itself and does not boot up. I would have to repeat this process several times before it FINALLY boots up and it goes to my desktop as it was when I originally put it to sleep (does not boot up as if I restarted my computer). I've checked to make sure that my keyboard and mouse are able to wake my computer in device manager and I also have the "put the computer to sleep after x amount of time" set to Never as well.

Any ideas what could be causing this or how to fix it?

This only started happening recently and I did not change or upgrade any hardware. Was never an issue before so I don't know whats going on.
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    I'm not sure of the cause of the issue....and this is the problem I have with sleep mode. From what I have seen of "sleep mode" over many that it causes problems.....just like it has caused you problems....and they are very difficult problems to diagnose.

    "I also have the "put the computer to sleep after x amount of time" set to Never as well.

    <<<<This is a very good move. This is my advice.
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