Here’s How We Booted Windows 10 in 4.9 Seconds (Now, Beat Us)

With these tweaks, you can go from hitting the power button to seeing the desktop in under 5 seconds.

Here’s How We Booted Windows 10 in 4.9 Seconds (Now, Beat Us) : Read more
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  1. Ekhem....
    I do 7 sec boot on sata SSD, 16 Gb dual stick ddr3 sodimm and i5 3210m. So you guys really went for it, but windows does a lot of pointless crap, even in just booting.
  2. There are "hidden" powersettings that could speed up your PC even more.
    TweakTown had an article for the "Ultimate Windows SSD Performance Installation Guide" back in Nov 2014.
    The article was in general for setting up SSD's in R0, but it also had so many hints and tweaks to get the most out of your system. A somewhat "messy" order of the different topics/tweaks, but in hindsight, that was just as good. It forces you to actually study the topics, with added a-ha! moments.

    To pull out the hidden powersettings, jump to page 8.
  3. 4.9 seconds is impressive but in my opinion using fast boot invalidates the attempt.

    With fast boot on the machine isn't truly booting up from scratch but is resuming from hibernation which is a different operation.
  4. Gee, as if it doesn't ALREADY take 4 seconds to boot. What a news [slow clap]
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