Windows 10 PC restarting with no warning. No error codes or BSOD to try and diagnose.

So, I've had this issue pop up just recently where my computer has taken to restarting itself with no warning, immediately shutting down and restarting. And by immediate I mean just kicking me back to the initial startup stuff, no shut down procedure, no blue screen, no update procedure takes place, it just completely restarts it doesn't matter what I'm doing. It's not a very common issue, but it does seem to happen only one time while I'm in the middle of doing things, and then doesn't pop up again the rest of the time I use my computer. It only seems to happen when I turn on my computer for the day, but then it doesn't always happen. I've tried looking in the event log, but I don't see anything popping up that leads me to the issue at hand, any ideas?
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  1. hardware issue. What is your full systme spec? include make and model of the psu
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