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Hello, all! I recently upgraded my older Windows machine to Windows 10 and all is running smoothly so far, with one small detail. My SSD (boot drive with OS) is being seen just fine, but my secondary storage drive is not. BIOS and Device Manager see the secondary drive just fine, but neither File Explorer nor Disk Manager are seeing anything at all. Nothing is showing up to format or anything in Disk Manager. Far as I know, it's plugged in correctly into the mobo and PSU. Any suggestions?
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  1. You must initialize the hard drive before Windows will see it.

    Here is a web page showing the steps.
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  3. If the above web page doesn't work for you, here is another way to initialize the drive. It uses the diskpart , so it should work if the shows up in the BIOS (which you said that it does). Follow the directions below. Left-click on the Start icon and select RUN from the menu. Then type "diskpart" in the provided field, and follow the directions in the link.
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