Grey screen with narrow active bar in B&W at top, after waking from sleep for a while.

Begining a day ago for no apparent reason, I now see the following when I wake my screen from sleep (everything else is set never to sleep):

I hear notifications (much delayed) and the mouse moves occasionally within the thin active bar at the top of my LG 29UM69G-B 29" display. But I cannot seem to even get a blindly typed series of actions to restart my i5 8400 using the iGPU only (I'm still waiting for an affordable mid-range discrete GPU) with the latest Intel driver (installed well before this issue arose). The keyboard will wake the screen, however.

I have no idea what has caused this, and would very much appreciate some advice on what to try :-)
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  1. Its an odd line, especially since bottom shows signs of indentations

    Run an anti virus scan and malwarescan

    what are rest of specs of the PC?

    Try doing a clean boot and see if same thing happens after sleep - read instructions carefully and make sure not to close all MS services or PC won't boot correctly -

    if it fixes it, its possible it is caused by a startup program, need to re add them slowly to find what is causing it. Then we can work out why.
  2. Gigabyte Z370M-D3H-rev-10 motherboard
    FSP 600W PSU
    Intel NVME 600p boot SSD
    Intel SATA 545s SSD
    Seagate Firecuda SATA SSHD
    Generic cheap SATA Optical drive

    And that's everything currently installed inside the M-ATX sized case.

    I've tried a reboot, but not a safe one as I'm intensively using the machine today. I'll try that when I next sleep.

    I'm running an advanced AV scan right now with Defender. But it's own scans reported nothing a day beforehand, anyway, so that seems extremely unlikely. Especially as I don't engage in risky behaviour.

    I'm a fairly competent user, but I have mainly used Mac and Linux machines the past couple decades. This is my first primary work machine running Windows since XP. So I'm out of touch with Windows troubleshooting.
  3. Oh, and the indentations look like the top few pixels of various UI elements.
  4. when you get time, try running Bitdefender free as its a better AV than defender is:
    try running malwarebytes as well.

    Try going to settings/update & security/troubleshoot and run the hardware and devices troubleshooter - restart PC if required, may need to run it a few times until its finished.

    which power scheme are you using?
  5. No threats found. I'm running balanced 30mins screen off, computer is never off.
  6. see if safe boot makes any difference before we look further. I can wait until you have time :)
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