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So last night as I was able to maunally overclock my CPU to a stable 4.5ghz at 1.25v, or so I thought. I did some stress tests (Prime95 and Intel Burn Test) they all worked and passed but as I went to play PUBG my computer crashed. First crash happened right after I landed on the ground from the plane and the second crash happened 10 mins later after I booted my pc back up and as I was spectating my partner in game. After each restart I get this message from Cam software saying my CPU has reached 178 F and prolonged temps will harm the cpu. That confused me alot because as I ran Intel Burn Test (20 times on Very High stress level) the VID stayed below 80 C as well as every core on HWmonitor and CPU-Z readings with all passing tests and as I tested with Prime 95, the temps went up a few degrees but nothing over 80 C and none of the cores nor testing failed but I still get the crashes (only in PUBG, web surfing and idle is fine). So, after crashing twice I went back into BIOS and instead of manually overclocking I just used the auto-overclock with my mobo and it still crashes after booting PUBG. By this time I don't know what's going on? Could it be that since I've been tinkering with the mhz and voltages for about 3 hours and ran plenty of stress test in between and then started PUBG, that the cpu was already too hot from the stress tests? If that was case then wouldn't I have seen the temps rise when I was conducting the stress tests? Am I right? I mean I finished running the stress tests possibly 20-30 mins before I actually started to play PUBG so could that have been it? But how come I didn't see any dangerous temps (above 80 C) when stress testing? I just don't know! So I went back and reverted to stock settings and guess what? PUBG played flawlessly and never crashed again. What am I doing wrong? Could it have just been PUBG? I haven't tried any other games either. Any help would be appreciated if anyone has had this problem before. TIA.
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  1. Seems like its pubg. Try another game. Something demanding.
  2. Dulith1118 said:
    Seems like its pubg. Try another game. Something demanding.

    I will try witcher 3 and mad max when I get home.
  3. Lowered to 4.4ghz at 1.25v and this seems the most stable...
  4. Did some more tinkering! Got it to be stable at 4.7ghz 1.25v; prime 95 fails miserably but all games runs flawlessly and temps never goes over 70C so I'm going to leave it at that. I definetly noticed a 10 to 15 fps increase on PUBG. Probably will try to go 4.8ghz and see what happens there.
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