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Guys my core 2 quad q9400 hits 68 celsius deegres should I worry or not?
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  1. Tcase maximum temperature for that cpu is 71.5c.
    That seems a bit close to me.
    I would not worry since a processor will shut down if it detects a dangerous temperature.

    What is your cpu cooler and what is the make/model of your case?
    To reduce temperatures, look at your cooler and your case cooling capability.
  2. well i dont know for case,this was prebuilt for like 320euros,and cooler is intel stock cooler for pentium e6600.I found cooler master cooler for 7 euros,used ofc,and i dont know should i buy it or no.I dont know which model is it
  3. I can send you link,so you can see this cooler https://www.kupujemprodajem.com/Cooler-Master-masivan-775-kuler-55327782-oglas.htm
    I know it isnt on english but still u can see photo
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