No GB/TB information displayed on my external drive and movie file becomes 0 KB..


When I connect my external drive to my computer I can't see the detail of GB/TB used and free space under the letter and name of the drive, also I noticed that one of my video mkv file on the drive has now the size O kb and another one has vanished completely...

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. That's usually an indication that the file table has become corrupted, and the drive is having difficulty or unable to read the file sizes and names. Probably your drive is failing. Run CrystalDiskInfo on the drive to check its health status.

    If it shows up as anything except Good, then the drive is probably dying. Backup what data you can if you haven't yet, and buy a replacement drive. If the drive is still under warranty, you should backup what data you can, then visit the manufacturer's website and start the RMA procedure there.
  2. Solandri,

    Thanks for your message. Actually I ran Crystaldiskinfo on that drive yesterday and the health status was "good". I was also able to find the missing file it was my mistake so it's only the file with "0 kb" the issue. Is it only that file that is corrupted and should I remove it or do something else with it?
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