Gigabyte Z730XP SLI motherboard and fan connections

I have a Gigabyte Z730XP SLI motherboard in a system I have purchased. It has liquid cooling.

It has the following fan connectors:


Currently only two are used and they are connected as follows:

SYS_FAN1 - to a rear case fan (3-pin)
CPU_FAN - to the CPU

The above show in Gigabyte's "Smart Fan 5" utility.

The two radiator fans (3-pin) installed do not show in "Smart Fan 5" and I assume that they are connected directly to the power supply.

I propose installing two new case fan (3-pin) and changing the radiator fans to 4-pin fans. I propose connecting them as follows:

CPU_OPT - the two radiator fans
SYS_FAN2 - one additional case fan
SYS_FAN3_PUMP - the other additional case fan

Can anyone offer me any advice or suggestions on this? I accept that what I propose may be completely unworkable!
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  1. What are your specs? Specifically what water cooler do you have? If it's an AIO, the fans are most likely connected to the PUMP itself, thus not showing up in the motherboard software.
  2. It is a Deepcool Captain 240EX cooler
  3. Looks like your AIO has a fan controller that can control up to 4 PWM fans, are you using that?

    Also, what is your AIO pump plugged into ATM? The motherboard or PSU?
  4. I will need to make more investigation to answer you first question. Are details of the fan controller in question available anywhere?

    As to you second question, it is plugged into the motherboard at CPU_FAN.
  5. Plug your AIO pump into the pump header, that's where it should go.

    I just saw the fan controller in a picture of your cooler.
  6. The pump is currently connected to SYS_FAN1 and is working. Are you saying that it should be connected to SYS_FAN3_PUMP?

    Are you referring to the fan hub in one of the photographs on the url, when you say fan controller or am I missing something?
  7. Yeah I'm referring to the photographs in the URL.

    Yeah it should be, it's not big problem, but it's a little bit better if it's plugged into the pump header.
  8. Which motherboard connection should the fan hub be plugged into?
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