If your system booots/doesn't boot, and doesn't post, and you get no answer here within 24 hours...

@admins: This is a sticky from Systems forum, and IMHO should be stickied here as well

If your system doesn't start up, or does start up, but does not post, start reading here while waiting for an answer:


Please, as remote-diagnosis of such problems is really difficult, and in the end, if wrongly inserted RAM-sticks are ruled out, very often result in detecting a broken mainboard, PSU or RAM, consider consulting a shop with a repair station with these kind of problems right from the start.

For the same reasons, forgive your colleages on TOM for being reluctant to answer, as really noone wants to be the bearer of bad news, and even more, noone wants to be the bearer of bad news AND it just turns out you bought a new PSU because of our tips, only to find out "OMFG i just put in the RAM-sticks the wrong way..."... :-D
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