Swapping out different size hard drives on RAID 1

So from reading through a few forums I have gathered that if I have 2 different sized HDDs configured with RAID 1 both HDDs will only be configured to the capacity of the lower size HDD. My question is if I have RAID 1 configured with 1 x 250GB HDD and 1 x 1TB HDD and the 250GB drive becomes faulty and then is replaced by a 1TB HDD making both drives now 1TB, will the RAID size still be at 250GB as the original 1TB HDD was only RAID'd to 250GB?
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  1. This is one way people increase zpool sizes. I can't say it works with every raid configuration ever. A back up is recommended for raid as by itself it's not going to keep your data safe. If you have a backup ready testing it out will be less risky.
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