Is my ATI Mobility Radeon 5650HD dead?

Hi everybody.
I was playing WoW in my 2012 pc and at the beginning I started to notice some visual glitches when I was playing. After that, It started to show me the "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" window and playing became almost impossible because that message showed every minute.

So, I decided to try to reinstall the drivers I used the DDU and then reinstalled the AMD drivers. The problem seemed fixed for a couple of days but then it started again, more heavy this time, I tried again with the DDU and reinstall drivers but it didn´t work. Now when I try to run the pc with the AMD drivers installed it stuck in the windows beginning screen and then BSOD because the system couldn´t run the display drivers.

I can still use my pc after using DDU only if I don´t install AMD drivers, in this case the screen display device is shown as "Standard VGA graphic card" and I can do almost everything (watch movies, use youtube) but I can´t play games.

I don´t know if my graphic card is dead and my pc is running the integrated graphics or if it´s only a driver problem and I couldn´t fix it well (but I don´t see how can it be done better)

Can you help me guys?
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