CrystalDiskinfo external drive health status "caution"

Hi, I scanned one of my external drive with CrystalDiskInfo and I got the health status "caution" 05 reallocated sectors count current 100 worst 100 threshold 36 raw values 6. What should I do to fix that? Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. The one and only "fix" is to replace the hard drive. You cannot repair bad sectors and they only increase in number until the drive is unusable.
  2. Ok I'll probably do that. Do all external/portable drives get bad sectors after a while or are there some more reliable? I also have another question and I have a few issues with another portable drive ; when I connect that drive to my computer I can't see the detail of GBs used and the free space under the letter and name of the drive, also I noticed that one of my video mkv file on the drive has now the size O kb and I can't play it anymore...
  3. Quote:
    ....Do all external/portable drives get bad sectors after a while....

    ALL drives fail, eventually.

    Please start another thread with your additional question.
  4. OK Thanks. I will create another thread for the other question. Before closing this thread I just wanted to know if CrystalDiskInfo is reliable?
  5. Yes it is
  6. OK! Thanks a lot. Do I need to do anything to close this thread as solved?
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