Just how out of date am I? GA-970A-UD3 with AMD FX-6300 Vishera

So I used to upgrade components in my PC every 2 years. One year I'd upgrade the Mobo, CPU and RAM, and 2 years later upgrade the Video Card, then rinse and repeat.

Well, I just realized it's been a good 5 years or so since I touched anything. I'm not the computer gamer I used to be, but I thought perhaps it might still be time to make some upgrades. I'm sporting a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 with an AMD FX-6300 Vishera, I have 8 GB of RAM and an AMD card I can't exactly remember. I believe it's in the range of a 7970.

I'm also interested in building a NAS box for movie storage, so maybe I just throw most of that stuff into a new box for that purpose and start over.

Just how outdated is this system?
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  1. That system is very outdated. It's on a dead platform and honestly the FX series processors didn't have much power anyway compared to an i3, i5, or i7. You could use that FX box as your NAS and build something with an 8th generation Intel or a Ryzen AMD processor. That would probably be the cheapest way to go, especially since the FX box would have enough power for NAS, Plex, and about any other services you wanted to run on it. As for video cards, right now is a terribly expensive time to be in the market for a GPU because of the mining craze that is sweeping the world. I've actually seen many youtube guys say that now is probably the only time they would ever recommend a prebuilt system due to overpriced GPUs being sold by themselves.
  2. It's outdated (much better CPU's such as Ryzen/Coffeelake) however if it serves your purpose enough for gaming then I see no reason to replace it.
  3. the age of the system means that even an upgrade to the lowest levels of the newer architecture will deliver a large boost in performance.
    I am in a similar albeit older boat. 955 black and hd 7950.

    results are so you can get "the gist" only results will vary

    RAM will be the big purchase now, prices are stupid. @11 dollars a gig
  4. As a current vishera fx-8350 CPU user, I am not planning to upgrade for a bit now, and if my system lasts until the in-silicon spectre & meltdown fixes hit, all the better. If you current system doesn't feel like it is holding you back then I would say there is no reason to upgrade it just yet. I upgraded to a 1060 because I foolishly bought a 1gb vram card back when i built the original system, and 16gb of ram keeps me from giving up all my chrome tabs, but my motherboard and CPU are holding up just fine right now.

    The only reason I currently have for upgrading is that my PC lets off too much heat for my room, and I am addicted to benchmarking my systems :p
  5. Its outdated when it doesn't perform to your satisfaction anymore for the tasks that you need it to do.

    The 6300 is 6 years old now , the fact is though itll still stroll through general tasks without a care in the world & it'll still play new AAA titles at 50-60fps.

    As can a 7970 at medium settings.

    If you need to upgrade peedoemance wise ita never beem so good for cheapish high performance cpu's
    as it is now.

    However extortionate ddr4 ram & gpu prices are just killing it at the moment .
  6. Maybe I could just stick with it and bump the RAM up to 16GB.
  7. Depending on what specifically you're doing, you may not even need to do that.
  8. ^^^Agreed, 8gb is usually enough for basic tasks & gaming.
  9. Yeah, 8gb was great for me until I started running into paging file issues from too many chrome tabs open after I set my SSD for max endurance, I don't expect 8gb being a problem for another couple years for the average user.
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