1600 vs 1700 considering I stream and have browsers/apps open simultaneously w/ R9 290

From what I am reading on the forums, some say 1600 will do the job of streaming games with no problem. I saw a Youtube video benchmark comparing the two, but those were at stock speeds I believe. I was wondering what your opinions are on paying ~$60 more for the Ryzen 1700 over 1600 considering these things.

I will be streaming Battlefield 1, PUBG, GTA V, (possibly Witcher 3)
I don't have second monitor or computer, so with that said...
I need to have extra things open ie: Chatty, A browser with my Twitch Dashboard open
I'll be overclocking either CPU with aftermarket coolers

My specs for items already obtained for this build are...

x370 Taichi Motherboard
Hyper 212 CPU cooler (i need to get an AM4 bracket)
Corsair AX1200 power supply.
Samsung 250gb Pro SSD
R9 290 Tri-X Sapphire (upgrading GPU is the very last thing, not optional yet)
144hz 27in. BenQ Monitor
Windows 10 64bit

Things that I need to decide on (not obtained yet)
Ryzen 1700 or Ryzen 1600
8gb DDR4 (will get to 16gb eventually, not sure which frequency I should consider)

Last things optional in the future
Upgrade the Hyper 212 to either a Noctua, Be Quiet Rock series, or closed water loop

My goal is to get the best streaming quality possible, without sacrifice of in-game FPS under 60FPS

I'd really like to know your views on this, + or - ~60 for 2 more/less cores. How would you finish off the build with ram and cpu in mind?

Where does 2 extra cores stand when I have extra processes running in background while streaming demanding games on Twitch in real time. Would the 1700 even come in handy in these situations?
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  1. I'd go with the 1600, especially since overclocking is in play. If it was me I'd put the extra money into the fastest, high quality ram your Ryzen can use. Your motherboard supports DDR4 3200, so I'd start there. Since you plan to overclock, the ram is especially important.
  2. Well a 1600 will work, but you will see a lot better preformance out of a 1700, so if you have the extra $60 than yea go for the 1700, but if you need the $60 than stick with the 1600
  3. If you get either 1600 or 1700(the non-x versions), you won't need an aftermarket cooler as the Wraith cooler they come with does a darn good job. Plus Ryzen's not a very good overclocker anyway - odds are against you getting over 3.8ghz on those chips.
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