Asrock 970 E3 Temps and voltages

Hi guys,

Does anyone know what "TEMPIN4" referes to? It sure isn't supposed to get to the 170 ºC right?
Does the voltages seem fine?

I'm having a few problems, and I'm not sure if it is MB or the PSU. I have a Nox Hummer 600w.

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  1. TEMPIN4 ...The temperature being reported is most likely a software misread.
  2. I've noticed it only shows up after running 3dMark, so the temp is probably ok. What about the Voltages? does it look ok?
  3. Yes seems normal.
  4. My pc sometimes freezes, sometimes gets really slow for a while, and sometimes it gives me bluescreen. Initially all the bluescreens were about the GPU's, the last one was about the PCI-e Wireless card. Sometimes it gets to a point that it does not start at all, so I have to dissassemble everything and assemble back, and it gets back to normal.
    Any hint what it might be?

    Thanks for the help!
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