Reset Bios to default settings now Windows 10 wont boot.

I got a new fan and after installing it inside my desktop, I wanted to lower the fans speed. So I went into BIOS and for some odd reason, decided to "Reset Bios to Factory Default" settings...

Now when I boot the computer I get the following message:

"The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible."

I know about Boot sequences and I checked that and it showed my Intel SSD as #1 to boot and DVDRW 2nd to boot. So I know that is not the issue. I tried disabling Fast Boot but that also did not fix the problem...What else do you recommend I do?

Thank you!
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    see if changing the boot method helps, its possible default setting is Legacy or UEFI and your drives are the other one.

    randomly resetting bios is kind of odd :)
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