Am I being paranoid about temps? (Asetek 550LC)

Hello all,

I'm trying to figure out if my temps are normal, and if I am worrying way too much about this.
The other day while playing an extended session of PUBG, the temps on one of my CPU cores had a very brief (less than a second) spike to 66 degrees Celsius. It then dropped quickly down into the mid 50's when my water cooling kicked into high gear and brought the temp back down.

Since then I've been looking into my CPU temps and I'm not sure if its just me, or if I could use better cooling.
Idle temps are around 27 C.
After running some random tests and programs, it seems that it was only in PUBG that I saw the temp spike to 66c.
Under load in other applications it is around 55-60 degrees Celsius.
I have two other case fans as well so I think I have decent airflow.

Intel i-7 7700k
16 gb RAM
GTX 1070 founder's edition
MSI Z270-A Pro
Water cooler is an asetek 550LC.
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  1. Those aren't great temps, but they are still considered normal. I have an i7 6700k with a slightly bigger cooler than yours:

    My temps are:
    Idle: 25-28 C
    Gaming Dota2: 50 C
    Gaming Tomb Raider Rising: 55 C

    Highest I've ever seen it go under human usage was 67-68C
  2. Those temps are fine. Nothing to worry about.
  3. yeah those temps at idle are grand those in games are okay to. nothing to worry about
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