Help with OCing a i7 8700K ASUS ROG Maximus X Code


I just got a new setup and am starting to try and overclock the CPU. Basic system information is:
i7 8700K, ASUS ROG Maximus X Code, Corsair H115i AIO, Be Quite Dark Base Pro, Corsair AX 860i, EVGA GTX 1080 GFTW, 32 GSkill DDR4 3600.

I did a base stress test with RealBench last night with no overclock. The maximum temperature (Core#3) was 85C. This seems very high from what I have read. I then did a test by simply setting the multiplier to 45. With that, and the H115i fans screaming, the max temperature (Core#3) was 91C. Vcore ranged between 1.344 and 1.408 and VTT stayed at 1>016.

With all the above, I am relatively new to overclocking. I had a I7 2600K OCed before, but that was just by tweaking the multiplier.

First question is what temperatures should one expcect with OCing the i7 8700k

Next is should the voltage be adjusted.

and last, is there a good giude to help me through the process.

Anyu and all suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. U don't need an all core oc for gaming. Out of the six cores, u can try a 3 core oc to 5.0ghz and leave the other 3 to auto or base frequency. U should be able to achieve this with the much more fine tuning options available with z370 and coffee lake.

    But don't forget to set affinity for the oc'ed cores to ur games to actually make use of the oc u set.

    An excellent tutorial by the legendary debauer :

    I am assuming that ur cpu is not de lidded, so I would ask you to stick with 1.35vcore for ur cpu till then.
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