May have a problem with an Overclocked Graphics Card

New here, and not sure where else to go for this sort of issue. My girlfriend brought her computer to my place and told me that she's never used it. She got it from her friend about a year and a half ago and that her friend said that the only issue was that the computer started freezing occasionally and that she'd overclocked the graphics card.

Well I set it up, and it turned on just fine and I had no lock-up issues. So I updated everything, removed most of the software and files and got it all up and running. Now, a week later, it's begun to freeze.

So here I am with a computer that hadn't been turned on since November of 2015 and it sometimes runs just fine and other times yes, it just locks up. I don't know how to check if a Graphics Card is overclocked or not.

The graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660.
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  1. The best thing you could do if you have the Windows install available is just do a reformat and complete reinstall and start her off with a fresh system. As far as telling if its overclock use a program like MSI Afterburner.
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