Internet slows down when new computer is turned on

So i just built my first gaming computer and everything went pretty smooth and got the whole system up and running but whenever I turn on the internet my ping and overall internet speed jumps up from the normal 25ms to over 300ms and slowly going into the thousands. I've tested a few times on another computer the ping connection to google with cmd and the moment that the new system boots windows the ping jumps up and the internet is impossible to use. I've checked and its svchost.exe that is taking up all my bandwidth but I've already tried everything to stop it and only when I'm not downloading anything from the internet does it not use everything. (this is only the case sometimes) I haven't been able to download most of my drivers yet even because as soon as the system boots up the internet goes down the drain and is so slow and constantly drops connection. I'm really not sure what to do here or if I'm just missing something really simple. please help
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  1. What DNS Server are you using? Try using Google, IP address -
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