Games crashing after i unlocked 4th core on phenom ii x2 560

So, the title says it all,since i unlocked my cpu 4th core to prevent the bottlenecking of my 750ti, i've been hving problem of games freezing, fps drops and crashing for no reason, even tho windows runs fine and recognizes the 4 cores with no issue.. any help? tips? anyone has the same problem or has a solution for it?

cpu-z if it can help:
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  1. The obvious thing to check is your CPU temperatures. Unlocking an extra core increases the heat produced by the CPU. If you're using a CPU cooler which was designed for the original CPU's TDP, then it may not be able to pump heat away fast enough from the unlocked CPU. And your problems would then be due to the CPU overheating.

    If the temps are fine, then the prognosis isn't good. Extra cores aren't always locked just to create a new CPU for a lower marketing segment. Sometimes they're locked because the core was defective when tested. It's possible the extra core has a defect in a function which is only used by games.

    Have you tried running a stress test on it? Ideally you want something that will test every function available on the CPU. I'm not sure if Prime95 does that, but since it's used to test overclocking that's probably a good place to start. There's a stress test from Intel which tests all the functions on Intel CPUs, but I don't know if it's applicable to AMD CPUs. (Be sure to monitor the temps while stress testing too.)

    Alternatively, you could try limiting the processor affinity for the game (task manager -> details -> right-click) to just the original 2 or 3 CPUs and see if that makes the crashing problem disappear. If the crashes happen only when the game is allowed to use one particular core, then you've most likely got a defective core. If that's the case, you *might* be able to get it working again by bumping up the CPU's voltage. But that will generate more heat which could cause problems with the other cores.
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  2. Soo, i tried testing temperatures while i was in game, it reached around 70 - 72 C, is that bad? heres a screen:
    Im gonna stresstest it right now and see how it goes, btw do u have discord? so we can maybe "keep in touch" and help me "live" ? obviously, if u'd like to.
    So, i did the stress test.. results are not good, my cpu reached 77C, i dont think thats a good thing..

    I really don't get why it does this tho, i have an extra cooler that cools the cpu and all of the stuff around it and the pc doesnt get any hot or atleast not at the touch.. any solution to this?
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  3. OK so, i just changed thermal paste and now i stay around 55 / 60C but the game still has issues
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  4. ALthough many X4 cpus may have been rebadged to lesser X3 and X2 cpus, it is also quite possible many of them had defects in one core, and were logically rebadged to their intended purpose. In short...Not every X2 is a free X4....
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