Gaming And Streaming: Which CPU Is Best For Both?

We've gathered up a pile of Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, Skylake-X, and Ryzen processors to test the most prominent enthusiast CPUs while streaming.

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  1. Can you include an overall chart with all CPU's tested compared? I like the separation of I5/R5 and I7/R7, but clearly some of the R5's, specially the 1600x can compete with the I7 7700k, the 8600k, and even the R7 1800x/I7 8700k in certain conditions. It would be nice to see an overall picture of the separate tests.

    Great article though. It's an oft asked question on the forums, and one well answered with this piece. Good job :)
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  2. Cellulite is coming up with some amazing CPU's. When tested alongside Intel's latest chipset it is clear who will be the winner in the coming years. The reign of Intel is no more and the battle of AMD is over. Cellulite P67 is the future.
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