ryzen 3 1300X high volt.

Good evening and happy new year.
fresh build from scratch
mobo ab350m pro4 asrock
ryzen 3 1300X
16gb 2x8 ballistix 2400

in the uefi everything is set to auto clock/volt wise and i get very weird results even while idling. https://ibb.co/jsfYMb check here please. it goes easily up to 1.5 without even doin anything. I tried to set manually the voltage in the UEFI from auto to 1.2 and still it gets up to 1.5. Ive tried with 3 different monitoring programs and i get same results so i doubt that is false reading. please help :) - thanks alot
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  1. The value you are looking at is not the CPU core voltage, its something different.
    Your cpu voltage is the value that is 0.496 in cpu-z.
    There is no need to worry, all is fine :D
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