Can anyone recommend me a CPU that fits my motherboard that is equivalent to a 6600k

I have a "MSI 970 Gaming" Motherboard and I can't seem to a find a CPU for a good price (around £150-£200) that is similar to an intel 6600k, obviously that wouldn't fit my motherboard. But I am not a computer genius, I just know how to play on them. I am on a tight budget past that point but need as much help as possible. (If it comes to it I was thinking about upgrading my CPU and Motherboard to a Ryzen 1600x and a B350 Tomahawk but I need to know wether the motherboard supports DDR3 Ram, if not then I can't get it)
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  1. No Ryzen motherboard support DDR3. And no old AMD CPUs is even close to 6600K performance.
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  2. No AMD CPU on AM3 comes anywhere close to a 6600k in terms of performance. Best for AM3 would be a FX8370 (I am not including the FX9xxx series because they are notoriously unstable on many motherboards and require a huge investment in cooling) which in many cases is on par with an i3-6100 in gaming.
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  3. Could you supply me with the information of a Motherboard that supports DDR3 and the 6600K then, because it's either I get an intel supported motherboard or I keep the shitty CPU I have..
    preferably around 75-100 GBP
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  4. If you absolutely have to reuse DDR3 ram, then go with intel 4gen cpu - i5-4690(k) and 8/9 series motherboard (H81,B85,H87,Z87,H97,Z97).

    Most i5-6600k motherboards support DDR4 and some support DDR3L. None support DDR3.
    Well - DDR3 can be used on DDR3L motherboard, but it will cause damage to CPU because of increased voltage.
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  5. I mean it all depends on price for me, I NEED a new CPU, the motherboard is optional etc. But If I can get a single stick of DDR4, i5 CPU and a motherboard for around £300 then it's perfect, if not a bit cheaper
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  6. Because obviously if I get an intel CPU then I need a new motherboard because it doesn't suport intel CPUs but I just need a nice priced one.
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