Monitor sometimes doesn't find signal


I have a Samsung C32H711 monitor. I bought it in september, and I have a problem with it:

In the first month when I put my PC to sleep mode, after restart monitor didn't find the signal and it only switched from HDMI to DP and to HDMI again but didn't find anything. Nowadays if I leave the PC for 10 minutes and screensaver makes the display black, I can't bring back the screen with moving the mouse, it just looking for the signal. If I turn of the PC and turning on again I solve the problem. It's very annoying because I can only turn off the PC with the power button by force, because I can't see the screen and lot of data lost because of this. I use mini DP (this is the only optin + HDMI), and the drivers are up to date.

What should be the problem?

Thank you,
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