Bent pin in CPU socket

Lastly I bought a new motherboard (with 1151 socket) and after a few days of fighting with not working PC I noticed that one of socket's pin is bent.
Let's say it's my fault (I'm not that sure but ok), the shop didn't want to repair for free cause it's mechanical damage (I'm not surprised).
Two questions here:
1. Do you think that IT guys in service won't have a problem with fixing that? Just... want to be sure.
And the 2nd question is that if is it possible that MB can be factory damaged like that?

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  1. It is possible though unlikely it is damaged from the factory, I have repaired bent pins before with a steady hand and some tweasers or a precision screw driver, just be gentle and patient.
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  2. That pin is bent the whole way over, I dont think ive seen that before.
    It is possible to bend it back yourself, especially since its an edge pin, just do it slowly. Thin metal like that will heat up and break very easily if you bend it too fast.

    I doubt its the factory's fault, and they generally dont deal with bent pins anyway, especially since youve installed the processor at least one time already.
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  3. A bent pin is one of the warranty exclusions for a RMA.
    It will cost you some $50 to send it back for repair.
    So, you might as well try to get it fixed yourself.

    A pin can get bent if you do not drop the cpu in cleanly into the socket.
    If you need to smoosh it around to get it seated, you risk damage.
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  4. Thanks for your answers- now I know something more.
    Maybe I'm kinda clumsy...
    I'll pay (and pray hehe) for fix and hope this little guy will be ok ^^
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  5. One of my systems last year:

    Bent motherboard pins
    Before - No boot

    After - boot success
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