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Hello i have a gaming pc with a asrock ab350m pro4, i decided to upgrade the bios and i did it with instant flash and it said that it was successful but when my pc started up it gave me a windows error (0x000021a) and it kept rebooting itself ,im not sure whats going on so please help
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    Try setting bios to recommended defaults.

    Before doing so document what SATA type the hard drive is using. It should most likely be SATA or AHCI.
  2. Honestly im not sure and im not sure what that is either , sometimes i get the error and sometimes it boots up without the error , some weird things are happening on my pc and i cant connect to an internet connection as it gives me some troubleshooting error
  3. Pretty sure the standard before flashing a BIOS is to perform a default on it. It's still my recommendation.
  4. So what now?
  5. Did you set recommended settings and its still not working?
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