PC components dying one after the other. Need Help.


I have a PC at home I built in 2015.

It has:
Intel Core i3 4150 CPU,
ASUS H97M-E Motherboard,
Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM,
Seagate 1TB Hard drive (Windows 10),
WD 160GB Hard Drive (macOS Sierra Hackintosh),
Corsair CX500W PSU.

Since August, the components of my PC have been failing.
August - Printer died. Logic board received from China.
October - Monitor died. Replaced the old 17" ViewSonic with a 24" LG.
Now - The Windows drive has slowed down to a crawl. Last night, I was using the computer and and it was working just fine. I did put a heavy load on the hard drive the other night trying to install a program. It went fine. This morning however, the PC took ages to boot into Windows. Couldn't do much. I thought the Windows installation got corrupted and tried to take a backup of the system to an external drive using a live USB drive. The data transfer was painfully slow.

I could however boot into macOS just fine. I decided to clean up the hard drives (both of them), and do a clean install of Windows 10. I reset the motherboard CMOS by jumper settings, removed and inserted the CMOS battery, loaded the defaults in the BIOS just for good measure.

I started installing Windows onto the 1TB hard drive. Took nearly an hour to copy over the files, install updates and features. Restarted and it took the PC half an hour just to arrive at the "Starting Services" screen with the loading animation. This is happening as I'm writing the thread.

I think the hard drive is failing. I'm waiting for it to complete installing Windows so that I can do some disk checks.

Another thing is after I replaced the monitor, sometimes when I turn on the PC the monitor would display "No signal found, Entering power saving mode" after checking for signal. I had to then restart the PC and then the monitor would work. This issue never used to happen with the old monitor. Now, I have to turn on the PC first and then switch on the monitor as a workaround.

I've been having doubts regarding the Motherboard and the PSU for the past 2 months. I even had the "PC recovered from a power surge" problem too.

Is there anything I'm missing??

Thank You for going through the thread. I know it's way too long. Any helpful suggestions will be much appreciated.
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  1. Check health of your HDD. Use Hdtune health. Post screenshot.
  2. Thanks for the reply SkyNetRising. Even after an hour, the process is stuck at "Getting ready" screen. I'm thinking of installing the OS on the older drive for now.
  3. UPDATE: I got tired of waiting around for the installation to complete on the 1TB drive and started installation on the second hard drive. It's going well. The second hard drive is over 10 years old while the 1TB drive was bought in 2015. Hard drives nowadays aren't as reliable. At least in this regard.
  4. Installed Windows onto the second hard drive and everything's working as normal. I tried to format the 1TB drive and it took more than 5 minutes. That drive has definitely gone bad. I'll be replacing it soon.

    Any suggestions on the monitor issue?
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