hello info please

i brought a new laptop
cpu is amd a9-9420 turbo core to 3.6
amd r5 graphics now my question i asked the guy at the store can it run insurgency and world of warcraft he said yes so i buy it take it home and run a can i run it test and it says the cpu isnt good enough everything else is good can it run on low settings?
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  1. canirunit is never pin point accurate,

    Best thing to do, if you own it, run it and put it on the Lowest preset, see how it plays

    If you don't own it, buy it via Steam, if it's available there, try what I said above, if it doesn't work out, contact Steam support for a refund and explain that your PC(Laptop) can't handle it
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  2. ah yeah i just had a break tho my cpu is powerful enough for insurgency thank you for your response
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