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  1. So for those that might want to take this up, consider this chat with the supplier:


    Zeal 11-10 23:34:45
    Hello, I am Zeal, I am very glad to talk with you!

    where do these keys come from?

    Zeal 15:35:38
    we purchased with merchant

    so not from Microsoft (for windows obviously)

    Zeal 15:37:01
    from mic

    at 70% discount?

    Zeal 15:37:35
    no sir

    Zeal 15:37:42
    have no discount

    so if i ask MS if you are a licensed reseller they would say yes?

    you are not like kinguin?

    can these licenses get revoked? do you have warranty for this?

    Zeal 15:39:12
    you means taht?

    sorry i don't understand? kinguin has a warranty you can buy in case the key goes bad.

    Zeal 15:40:41
    we suggest that use the key within 2 weeks


    can they be stopped?

    Zeal 15:42:24
    we suggest that

    if you brought them from MS why would this happen?

    Zeal 15:43:54
    we just suggest that

    Then 'Zeal' stopped responding. Personally I wouldn't use them, unless someone can explain why they are legitimate. Based on the 2 week window something dodgy is going on.
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  2. so he came back:

    Zeal 15:43:54
    we just suggest that

    are you still there?

    Zeal 15:48:34
    yes sire

    a proper license would not expire, so why? what do you do if they get cancelled.

    Zeal 15:52:18
    sorry sir we just promised that we are safety and legal

    Zeal 15:52:40
    and the product is available

    so why are they so cheap? win 10 pro for £13

    Zeal 15:55:43
    we want attract more custmors

    So if I asked Ms if you are a licensed reseller, would MS say yes?

    Zeal 16:00:05
    you can try

    I have tried with others of your type and they always say no, so can you tell me if you are a licensed reseller?

    Zeal 16:01:31
    yes sir

    MS's Response when I asked them:

    Thanks for contacting Microsoft support, my name is Ashwini K. Please allow me a few moments while I review the information you provided.
    Ashwini K
    Hello, how are you doing today?
    Hi, all good thanks, are these people ligitimate in your eyes?https://uk.scdkey.com/microsoft-windows-10-pro-oem-cd-key-global_1227-20.html?tag=thuk_shopping_misc-21
    Ashwini K
    Hello Steve.
    Ashwini K
    We don't recommend any another store apart from Microsoft store. But retail store, you can choose Best Buy, Staples, Walmart.
    but this store, are they licensed resellers by yourselves?
    Ashwini K
    We cannot trust these seller, there can provide used products or product keys or blocked product keys.
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  3. I do not think Microsoft support could have sounded more like a ChatBot if they tried.
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  4. thisisaname said:
    I do not think Microsoft support could have sounded more like a ChatBot if they tried.

    With the mistake of there vs they're? I'd hope that MS's bots were better than that in such a simple sentence. I'll do it again later with precisely the same text and see what happens.
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