Video Editing & Backup, Raid 0 Drive Setup Question.

Hello There!

Planning on purchasing 2 "Promise Pegasus 3 80TB enclosures" (8x 10TB drives) with the intended use being video editing and backup of high res recorded material.

Was thinking about configuring them both to raid 0 with the plan being, if 1 of the 8 drives fail I replace the damaged drive and just transfer the lost data from the 2nd enclosure instead of rebuilding.

Now, am I setting myself up for complete data loss or would this setup not be as crazy as it seems? Is raid 0 more taxing on drives?

If it's a crazy plan, what raid level do you think should i go for, while still retaining as much of the 80TB storage space as possible?

Many thanks!
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  1. RAID0 is for speed but if one disk gets bad you loose everything. Think of RAID0 as one large disk with many platters and heads.
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  2. The problem with RAID 0 is that it offers absolutely no redundancy and even the slightest hiccup can cause it to take down the array. Where you've got the budget and a pretty strong amount of disks, you'd probably be far better off going with RAID 10, which is like a combination of RAID 0 and RAID 1, with the primary benefit being that you get both performance increase and redundancy protection for your data.

    In theory with the 2 enclosures, your idea could work. IF absolutely nothing goes wrong with the other array in the time you're getting the one that fails back together. But with the nature of hard drives, and that many disks in that big of a storage pool, that is a very big if. For peace of mind, the idea of RAID 10 will make you sleep much better at night.
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