Despite Security Vulnerability, Businesses Still Prefer Office 2007

A new research study has found that over two thirds of companies are still opting to run Office 2007, which is software that Microsoft no longer supports.

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  1. Perhaps if 2013 onwards didn't look like a Commodore Amiga desktop, there would be more upgrades?

    Also, despite Microsofts' attempts, corporations aren't dumb. Why subscribe to something for ever when you can own it outright? Office has a problem in that true innovation is pretty difficult now - there's only so many ways you can format a document / design a spreadsheet and tbh 2010 nailed it perfectly - and it didn't look like a blocky monochrome mess whilst doing it.
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  2. "that the majority of businesses are running Office XP, Office 2003, and Office 2007"

    What a bunch of rubbish. Did that include the companies here and around ours? No, it didn't. We use Office 2013, with two people on 2016, as Office 2007 is far, far too old.

    We're also thinking of office 365, with Exchange, in order to remove the Exchange servers from the network and to then install the latest version in two ish years.
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  3. 2007 is all most people need, a stable client, without stupid bells and whistles.
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  4. wont be long before windows 11 rolls out and will refuse to allow people to install office versions prior to 2014 (the version that went pay per play instead of own outright).

    windows and intel 69 each other, if they want something done, it gets done (like newer intel chips dont support win7). wont be long before intel join this bs ladder and go all out for 'rented' cpus, where you pay per year for the cpu and if you dont, windows kindly refuses to load.
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