Nvidia/AMD Driver Discussion Thread

This thread is dedicated to the discussion of GPU drivers on both Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Even though it sounds boring to discuss drivers, this thread is here for those who have found out that specific drivers (typically a newly released one) is messing up their frame rate in specific games.

So simply put, think of this thread as a warning thread to tell you whether you should install the latest drivers or not. ;)
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  1. Latest driver for Nvidia GPUs is 388.13:
    388.13 Release Notes
    Driver 388.13 Download

    Latest driver for AMD GPUs is 17.11.1:
    Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.11.1 Release Notes
  2. 388.13 is making Creativerse, GRIP, and Rocket League play like I have a CPU bottleneck when CPU usage is around 45%. Super stuttery, low FPS.

    Versions 388.00 and 387.92 do not have this issue for me. I haven't had any games flat out refuse to open with 388.13 though, so at least the troublesome driver does display the games :lol:
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