Win10 computer does not see HP printer unless printer is rebooted

I'm running Win10/1703 and have a new HP 4650 printer on my network.Starting the computer normally works fine, but when I wake Windows from sleep, it cannot find the printer. The printer shows on the network and I can easily communicate with its built-in maintenance utilities; heck, I can even scan with it through a graphics program. But when I try to print anything the printer shows 'offline'. Power-cycling the printer brings it back, but isn't there something in Windows that I can restart instead, maybe even write a script for to get around this?

UPDATE: No hardware or software changes, but now Windows can't find the printer even when it's booted-up. Rather than power-cycling the printer, I now simply turn the printer's Wi-Fi utility off and back on again. A real pain to do everyday, but certainly a workaround. Evidently the printer has to be assigned an IP before Windows can find it, even if it's just reassigned the same IP. Frustrating.
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  1. Hello Inojim

    Can you please confirm if it is only your Windows that fails to print upon wake up, or any other network device like a laptop too has the same issue?

    In the meantime you can try the following solution to see if it helps:

    > On your Windows, right-click the Stat button.

    > Go to Device Manager.

    > Expand the Network adapters tree

    > Right-click the NIC that is used to connect to the network, and click Properties.

    > Go to the Power Management tab.

    > Uncheck the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power checkbox.

    > Save the changes and see if the issue is resolved.

    Please report back for any further assistance.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, vive. I took a look and that box is already unchecked. Here are a couple of additional observations: Two other computers on the wireless network do not have this problem. Both are running Windows 7, however. My computer, the Windows 10 one, can obviously 'see' the printer, because it can read ink levels and interface with other HP tool functions. Moreover, a HyperSnap graphics program has no problem connecting to the HP and scanning, even though even that program (in addition to all MS ones) will no print until the printer is rebooted. So it's a print function only that seems to need re-initiation after the Win10 computer is started.
  3. have you checked if HP has a new driver for your printer?
  4. Thanks for the tips. I did check for an updated driver, but HP says I've got the latest. And with regard to the link from scout_03, some of what's posted in that tutorial works and some doesn't. For example, under Settings/Devices/Printers and Scanners, the printer is shown there but is not checked as the default device. Right-clicking on it or any of the other 'soft' printer utilities in the same column does not bring up another box or anything. In Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Devices and Printers, the HP printer is shown as the default device.

    Thanks for the link to that troubleshooter, however, I'll keep looking for something strange. (I think the screenshots on that link are from earlier versions of Windows 10. At least what comes up on my machine (Version 10.0.15063) has some differences.)
  5. in a pinch your could remove the drivers, run CCleaner registry cleaner and reinstall the printer software
  6. Thanks, Paladin. That's kind of an 'extreme measure,' and I'd reserve it for use only if my bothersome workaround quit workarounding.

    I did approach HP on the issue and was rewarded(?) very quickly by a reply on the HP Printer Forum from one of their factory people. He presented a very complex multistage process. As I recall, there were at least two procedures with ten or more steps each. It wasn't clear just what this did to one's system, and it was presented as a "try this" with no real guarantee of success. Nevertheless within a couple of days the suggestion showed up marked as the 'answer' to the problem.

    To me this indicates that what I'm seeing may be typical with this printer and Windows 10. I suppose if enough people complain, an updated driver may eventually become available. In the meantime I'll continue to turn the printer's Wi-Fi connection off and back on manually, after I start or wake my computer. An annoyance, but a small one; nevertheless, a definite consideration when it comes time to buy the next printer. The Canon I used before the HP worked flawlessly.
  7. I use a SCX-3500w from Samsung, laser printer with scanner top, 79$ and has worked for year without a flaw.
    I don't use HP anymore, seems the quality has been going down lately
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