How do I change the default image editor in Windows 10?

I want to change the default image editor from paint to when I click "edit" on an image but still use the built in photo viewer when viewing it (i.e. double clicking to view). I included an image of what im talking about.

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  1. go to windows settings...apps...default apps and change it there and under aps.
  2. smorizio said:
    go to windows settings...apps...default apps and change it there and under aps.


    I could be blind but I don't see anywhere to change the editor, only the viewer. Setting the viewer to still opens regular paint when you click on "edit" in the context menu.
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    On your image, look under the reset button, the 3 links are your opening to the more defined defaults, so click on
    Choose defaults by app

    pick the image program you want to use and click it to show the manage button
    this will show all the things that app can access and also what is current app using them. click the icon for a drop down list and choose the app you want to assign

    Last time I did this it used control panel windows so clearly they moving along with replacing it with one settings window.
  4. When I do that, it does the same thing as setting it as the default viewer, which I am trying to avoid. I would like it to open in the built in photo viewer (photos) when you double click it but open in when you click edit.
  5. can't you choose open with? then pick the app from there you want to edit it with?

    what is difference between paint3d and
  6. I *could* use "open with...".

    Its more of an ease of use issue. Is it really not possible to view in one program and edit with another? It is setup like that by default (photo viewer and paint), you can't just change the editor from paint to
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    The only way you could do that in windows 7 was editing registry -

    I don't know if it is the same keys in windows 10 though
  8. That worked and i exported the key so I can just add it again later if it gets changed or windows reinstalled or whatever.
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