Z370/H370/B360/H310 Motherboards (LGA1151v2 for Intel 8th-Gen Coffee Lake) Sortable Comparison Tables

A consolidated list of Z370/H370/B360/H310 motherboards for Intel 8th-Gen Coffee Lake-S CPUs for comparison of different brands and models. Table can be accessed in the link below (opens to a google spreadsheet):

(139 MODELS LISTED as of last update)

The idea is to easily compare detailed specifications from numerous motherboards of different brands, of different models, and of non-limited quantities (e.g., you can compare 10+ or more models at the same time) and variables (through sorting and/or filtering specific features one is looking for in a mobo). Each viewer can sort/filter any data to compare specs and to shortlist mobo models one is choosing from.

All information were researched and verified to the best of my ability based on manufacturer's data, user manuals, and reviews. If there are discrepancies/errors, let me know. Specs compared include:

  • BIOS chip quantity (some models, esp. all Gigabyte's, have 2 (DualBIOS): Main + Backup, though most still have 1)
  • VRM/Power Phases (VCC), ATX12V Socket for PSU cable, and MOSFET Heatsink coverage
  • P.O.S.T.-State LEDs, if it has a 2-Digit Debug Display Code or just simple On-board LED indicators (e.g., CPU/DRAM/VGA/BOOT), or both (some have additional specialty LED indicators not listed due to space constraints)
  • RAM/DIMM Slots incl. reinforcements, if any (all mobos listed are dual-channel)
  • SATAIII (6Gbps) Ports, incl. those oriented in a 90-degree layout (for better cable routing) and U.2 ports, if any
  • M.2 (Key-M) Slots incl. those with heatsinks and their orientation/layout (traditionally, M.2 slots are parallel to the motherboard, i.e., at 90°, though some are oriented vertically, esp. on some Asus models. Some are also located at the back of the mobo, esp. on ITX boards. Some also feature either a PCIe- or DIMM-based M.2 add-in-card expansion.)
  • PCIe 3.0 x16 Slots and reinforcements, the Maximum Slot Speed and Multi-GPU Support (Nvidia SLI or AMD CrossFire), and Additional PCIe Power Socket, if any
  • Other expansion slots such as PCIe 3.0/2.0 x1/x4 or PCI, if any (some PCIe lanes share bandwidth with other slots, which I did not include in the tables due to space constraints). Refer to Manuals for details.
  • Video Outputs, Wi-Fi/BT, RJ-45 LAN Ports/Controller, and Audio Codec/S/PDIF Opt.Out/3.5mm Jacks (or other special jacks, if any) at the rear panel
  • Specialty buttons at rear panel (e.g. Clear CMOS and BIOS Flashback), if any
  • PS/2 Ports and USB Ports (incl. breakdown of each USB port type: USB3.1 Type-C, USB3.1 Type-A, USB3.0 Type-C, USB3.0 Type-A and USB2.0 Type-A) at the rear panel (note that "USB3.1 Gen2" is USB3.1, while "USB3.1 Gen1" is USB3.0)
  • USB Internal Headers such as USB3.1 (20-pin Type-C), USB3.0 (19-pin), and USB2.0 (9-pin), incl. those oriented in 90°, Thunderbolt connector (5-pin), and Fan/Pump Headers (which are all 4-pin Hybrid PWM/DC, unless otherwise stated)
  • 12V RGB LED Strip Headers (most are 4-pin [12V/G/R/B], while some, esp. in Gigabyte models, are 5-pin [12V/G/R/B]+[W]) for std. 5050 RGB strips and 5V RGB LED Strip Headers (Asus uses 4-1pin [5V/D/-/G] for RGB WS2812B strips; Msi uses same 4-1pin but also has another 3-pin [5V/D/G] for Corsair RGB fans; Gigabyte uses 3-pin [V/D/G] which are 5V/12V interchangeable via a voltage selector jumper and supports 5050 strips)
  • Armor/Shrouds (I/O and Audio Covers), PCB Dimension (Form Factor/Actual Size) and Colors (of mainboard/accents + ambient LED color, if any)

Direct links to manufacturer's site, and user manuals, are included for reference (found at the far right end of each table).

Sample screenshot:

For comparison with other motherboard models:
X370/B350/A320-chipset (AM4-socket) motherboards for AMD Ryzen CPUs
X399-chipset (TR4-socket) motherboards for AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs
X299-chipset (LGA2066-socket) motherboards for Intel SkyLake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs
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  1. Updates:

    11 May 2018
    - Inserted a new column regarding chipset information (Z370, H370, B360, or H310)
    - Listed numerous H370-, B360-, and H310-chipset mATX and ITX motherboard models (ATX models to follow).
    - Updated information on several Z370 models regarding VRMs
    - Added links of Tom's Hardware reviews for several Z370 models

    10 Jan 2018
    - Added NZXT N7 370 Matte Black and Matte White motherboard models.

    05 Jan 2018
    - Fixed Filter Views. By selecting any pre-set filter views (e.g., by Brand, by Size, by Feature, etc.), you can now sort all other data in other columns based on the same filtered view as selected.

    30 Dec 2017
    - Added Gigabyte Z370 UD3H, Gigabyte Z370P D3, and Gigabyte Z370M DS3H motherboard models, including details and references.

    29 Dec 2017
    - Updated information on EVGA Z370 FTW and EVGA Z370 Micro motherboard models.

    14 Dec 2017
    - Added new product reviews for Asus ROG Apex, Asus TUF Z370 Pro Gaming, MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming, MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC, Gigabyte Z370N WiFi, and Supermicro C7Z370-CG-L
    - Added MSI Z370M Mortar model, including details

    12 Dec 2017
    - Updated data on Power Phases (PWM Controller) for some specific models (Gigabyte and Asrock models)

    22 Nov 2017
    - Added and updated data on LED Lighting Color and Specific Locations, including Sync Technology, if any

    16 Nov 2017
    - Added data on power phases on several models
    - Added latest product review links on several models
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