Need to buy video card asap, 1070ti, 1080 or 1080TI, considering Volta release, resale value?

Hi guys, Im in a situation where my PC right now is without a video card. I have 1440p 160mhz monitor. Playing mainly Overwatch, Destiny 2(when released) and some other AAA titles.

My question is which of these cards do you think will have best resale value(dropping its price the least) when Volta is released?
I consider upgrading to Volta so I’m looking to lose the least money in this upgrade.
Money is not an issue now and I can buy any of these...
Is 1070ti gonna resale good because of coin mining demand or the 1080TI because it’s the fastest and will retain most value in the future? I don’t really understand how the market and the prices work in this field. Please advise....

Thank you.
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  1. I would say the GTX 1080Ti
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  2. In this situation you want people to want the card you are selling
    Yes most will move on and look at volta but the 1080 ti is a "dream card" for gamers and people will more likely look for it than the 1070 ti that is while a good card does not hold that "value" in people's minds

    And the 1080 ti will most likely be able to compete with volta high end like the volta xx70 that will sell for 400$ or more
    And some games might requre that performance going forward

    Im not sure the 1080 ti will have a better resell value than the 1070 ti but im damn sure you will find a buyer for it more easily and faster ;)
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